Collaboration Powers the Partner Economy


SiteGo Collaborate is the only cloud collaboration platform for Office 365 that allows you to host all of your content securely inside your existing Office 365 instance and share it with your external users, partners and vendors on any device.



Collaborate with your partners, users, and vendors using the Office 365 tools you're already familiar with, without the need for Microsoft accounts; simplifying administration and enabling your employees to focus on your customers.

Your employees and customers can collaborate via our user-effective platform on any device, be it mobile, tablet, or desktop. The SiteGo platform was built from the ground up to be easy to use, look good, and increase productivity.

We've also simplified user management, putting you in control of who can access content, while enabling you to share and work with users from any platform.


We believe that content should be secure, accessible and available. With SiteGo, your data lives in your Office 365 tenant, where it belongs. No need for complex or vulnerable external infrastructure. 

When you share your files, tasks and other items using our secure and scalable cloud platform, your users will be protected by Microsoft Azure's world-class secure data centers.

You already worry about your customers, deliverables, and business. Let us worry about security.

Manage costs and Complexity.


Managing and synchronizing separate content management and collaboration tools for internal and external users is a hassle for your employees and can inflate costs in time and money.  The SiteGo solution eliminates the need for external synchronization or manual processes.

Additionally, our simple pricing model reflects our philosophy of reducing friction. We have no complex licencing models. No hidden fees. No startup costs.