MailGo is an outreach and customer contact tool providing advanced mail merge capabilities and is 100% Office 365 native.


Outreach Management

Store and track all of your outreach templates

Store and track all of your outreach templates

Create compelling outreach campaigns with personalized communication to your audience- large or small!

Recruiters & Sourcers - Build and nurture a pipeline of engaged talent.

Marketers - Create effective email campaigns to connect with a new audience or keep in touch with existing customers.

Sales Teams - Increase sales and outreach success through cold emails or drip campaigns. Convert cold prospects into warm opportunities.

Mail Merge and more

Easily build dynamic emails

Easily build dynamic emails

Remove the time consuming process of individually mailing prospects and automate your outreach tasks with easy-to-use mail merge capabilities. MailGo supports both standard emails or any of your existing Office email templates. Our simple interface makes it easy for you to manage large lists and segmented audiences.

Outreach definitions are easy to create using .csv templates and each template can be stored for future campaign reuse. Send emails directly from outlook and immediately start getting feedback on replies, opens, and bounces.

Office 365 Native

Designed for Office 365

Designed for Office 365

We built MailGo from the ground up to be Office 365 native and seamlessly integrate into your workday. Whether you use Outlook Web or Outlook Desktop, you can easily install MailGo (no advanced permissions necessary) and be up and running in minutes.

No more bounced emails, or having your carefully crafted outreach land on a blacklist or in your audience’s spam filter because of external mail services. All of your emails are sent directly from your Office 365 mailbox,

MailGo also works seamlessly with your company’s compliance process to ensure adherence to policy.


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Open beta will be extend through Q1, 2019.

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